Tsunan Sake Brewery Implements “Sake Tasting Challenge” at the 25th Rice Taste Analysis and Appraisal Contest

Tsunan Sake Brewery participated in the 25th Rice Taste Analysis and Appraisal Contest, an internationally recognized competition for rice quality, held at Greenpia Tsunan. The brewery introduced “Sake Tasting Challenge” during the event.

In the Sake Tasting Challenge, participants had the opportunity to taste and compare four varieties of sake from Tsunan Sake Brewery and Naeba Brewery, both located in Tsunanmachi. Depending on their tasting results, participants were eligible for various prizes. This initiative was part of Tsunan Brewing’s effort to promote the allure of Japanese sake and support local culture.The event took place over two days, December 1st and 2nd, 2023. Open to the general public, the participation fee was set at 500 JPY.

Participation in this event proved to be an excellent opportunity for Tsunan Sake Brewery to enhance the recognition of its products within the local community. The visibility gained through the Sake Tasting Challenge not only showcased their dedication to quality and tradition but also significantly strengthened their business network. Engaging directly with consumers and industry peers in such a prominent event has helped to solidify their position within the local and broader sake industry, marking a step in ongoing business journey.

[About the Rice Taste Analysis and Appraisal Contest]
The 25th Rice Taste Analysis and Appraisal Contest is a major event in the rice industry, held in Tsunan machi, Niigata Prefecture. The contest features a unique three-stage judging process. The initial stage involves using a taste meter, followed by a flavor degree meter in the second stage. The final stage is a sensory evaluation by judges. Organized by the Rice Taste Appraisers Association and the executive committee, this event is one of the largest of its kind, attracting over 5,000 rice entries from both domestic and international sources.

[GO series liquors introduced at the event]

[Company profile of Tsunan SAKE Brewery]
Tsunan Sake Brewery Co.ltd
7141 Tsunanmachi, Naka-uonuma-gun, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
CEO Atsushi Kabasawa