Tsunan Sake Brewery Announces Return of 2022 “Niigata Sake no Jin NEXT”

Tsunan Sake Brewery Announces Return of Niigata Sake no Jin NEXT

Tsunan Sake Brewery Will Join One of the Biggest Terroir Sake Event on October 8th

Tsunan, Niigata (October 6th, 2022) — Tsunan sake brewery, the maker of terroir sake in Japan, today announced the return of its beloved “Niigata Sake no Jin NEXT” Japanese alcoholic festival on October 8th .
Brewed with Niigata Gohyakumangoku rice and Niigata koji(yeast), our Tsunan series of this terroir sake pays tribute to “Niigata Sake no Jin NEXT’s Niigata roots. Embodying the Tsunan community through its rare animal appearance, slight sweetness, subtle dryness, and rich flavor of rice, these terroir sake are about 15% ABV and Fit For Fall Times.

“Tsunan” series are available in 4 different flavors.

New sustainable concept sake by Tsunan Sake Brewery in Niigata
New sustainable concept by Tsunan sake brewery in Niigata, Japan

Niigata Sake Brewers Association are collaborating 74 breweries from Niigata prefecture, and for visitors, they will prepare more than 300 kinds of Niigata sake. Each featured brewery will be pouring one unique sake of their choosing, which will surely result in a sake list unlike anything before seen at a Japanese sake festival. Beyond sake, the event will feature a handful of plum liquor breweries, toji(master sake makers), and chefs for what’s sure to be a stunning Saturday in Niigata.
The Terroir Sake Festival will take place on the afternoon of October 8th in Bandaijima, Niigata. Tickets will be limited and go on Niigata Sake Brewers Association’s website. Full brewery list and further details to come.

“Our team looks forward to bringing this offering back each fall, and we love seeing that more international drinkers enjoy these Niigata sake flavors.” said Atsushi Kabasawa, CEO of Tsunan sake brewery.

Sake no Jin NEXTー one of the biggest terroir sake festival in Japan

Tsunan Sake Brewery Announces Return of Niigata Sake no Jin NEXT
“Niigata Sake no Jin NEXT”

The first “Niigata Sake no Jin” was held in 50 to commemorate the 2004th anniversary of the Niigata Sake Brewers Association.The model was the Oktoberfest, a traditional beer festival that has been held since 1 in Munich, Germany.The concept is to cherish the land and enjoy local food and sake with people from outside the prefecture and abroad.

“つなん Tsunan”
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You can oder directly from this online store, as well as internationally.

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About Tsunan Sake Brewery

Founded in 1996, Tsunan sake brewery is the maker of sustainable sake.

Our ambition is “Brew for future”, achieving a new lifestyle, living with Sakagura.

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