Tsunan Sake Brewery participated in “ICC FUKUOKA 2024” and secured the second place in the “Taste” category at the “ICC SAKE AWARD.”

Tsunan Sake Brewery participated in "ICC FUKUOKA 2024" and secured the second place in the "Taste" category at the "ICC SAKE AWARD."

Tsunan Sake Brewery is pleased to announce its participation in the “Industry Co-Creation (ICC) Summit FUKUOKA 2024,” held from February 20th to February 22nd, 2024. On February 20th, during the preliminary round of the “SAKE AWARD,” we were honored to win second place in the “Taste” category.

For the “SAKE AWARD” preliminary round, Tsunan Sake Brewery presented a theme of “Regenerative Sake Brewing with Our Community,” offering a phantom cocktail named “melty snow,” which brings sake lees back into contact with sake. The cocktail was based on the sweetest and most fragrant sake available at Tsunan Sake Brewery, with the addition of sake lees that had undergone lactic acid fermentation.

Sake and Sake Lees

Offered at the Venue Utilizing the feedback received at the event and this award, we plan to advance our product development and brand establishment with an eye towards international expansion.

About Industry Co-Creation (ICC)  Summit FUKUOKA 2024

The Industry Co-Creation (ICC) Summit FUKUOKA 2024 is a conference designed to foster mutual learning and co-creation in the industry. It distinguishes itself by its serious approach, aiming to gather over 400 speakers and more than 1,200 participants for intensive learning and networking from morning till evening. The event encourages participants who are deeply committed to their endeavors to join, underlining the ethos of “equality and earnestness for all.” It is scheduled to take place from February 19 to February 22, 2024, in Fukuoka, embracing a concept of collaboration and innovation among professionals across various industries

About the “SAKE AWARD” (ICC FUKUOKA 2024) Preliminary Round

The “SAKE AWARD” featured ten breweries from across the country showcasing their proud brews. A tasting experience was conducted by sake specialists and sake-loving jurors, who selected winners in various categories based on taste, dedication to brewing methods, branding, and emotional resonance. Simultaneously, six breweries were chosen to advance to the final tournament.

Reference URL (Japanese article): https://industry-co-creation.com/news/98937