Tsunan Sake Brewery’s “GO SPARKLING” Wins Gold in the Sparkling SAKE Category at the Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass Awards 2024

Tsunan Sake Brewery's "GO SPARKLING" Wins Gold in the Sparkling SAKE Category at the Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass Awards 2024

Tsunan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsunan Town, Niigata Prefecture, CEO: Kengo Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as Tsunan Sake Brewery) is proud to announce that “GO SPARKLING” has been awarded the gold medal in the Sparkling SAKE category at the Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass Awards 2024.

This award serves as one of the proofs of the quality of “GO SPARKLING,” expected to enhance brand recognition among consumers outside Japan and to act as an item that conveys the new appeal of Japanese sake. Tsunan Sake Brewery aims to expand its sales network overseas with marketing strategies centered around the use of wine glasses, positioning “GO SPARKLING” as a new standard for Japanese sake in the international market. This is seen as a significant step towards spreading the charm of Japanese sake worldwide.

About the Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass Awards 2024

The Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass Awards 2024 aims to propose a new style of enjoying Japanese sake with wine glasses, rediscovering the new appeal of Japanese sake that traditional Japanese sake vessels could not capture. The contest recognizes the power of the wine glass shape in enhancing the delicate aroma of sake and evaluates the newly discovered charm. Winners are determined through blind tasting by experts, contributing to spreading the diversity of Japanese sake and its enjoyment.



GO SPARKLING is a sparkling sake from the “GO” series produced by Tsunan Sake Brewery. Designed to be enjoyed chilled, it offers a fruity aroma and sweetness, followed by a refreshing aftertaste. With an alcohol content of 8%, it is a Japanese sake that is easy to drink, even for those who are not accustomed to sake. Rice variety: Gohyakumangoku (produced in Niigata Prefecture) Ingredients: Rice (produced in Niigata Prefecture), Rice koji (made from rice produced in Niigata Prefecture) Rice polishing ratio: 55% Alcohol content: 8% Size: 270ml

Sales website: https://tsunan-sake.stores.jp/items/60f6620421a1666c8851ca0e

About Tsunan Sake Brewery

Tsunan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a Japanese sake brewery headquartered in Akinari, Tsunan Town, Nakauonuma District, Niigata Prefecture. Known for its heavy snowfall area, the region uses natural spring water from mountains with altitudes of 2,000 meters as brewing water. Using locally produced sake rice “Gohyakumangoku,” the brewery engages in sake production in harmony with nature, with “Brew for Future” as its brand concept. With a new management structure from 2023, the brewery aims for new value creation and international expansion based on the fusion of the sake brewery and science.