“GO DINER” Sake Wins Bronze Medal at the The International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2023

Tsunan Sake Brewery recognized for brewing excellence at world’s most prestigious blind tasting boards competition.

Tsunan, Niigata (May 18th, 2023) — Tsunan sake brewery, the maker of the “GO DINER” was awarded a bronze medal at the 2023 Sake Division of The International Wine Challenge (IWC) competition, the most influential event of the Sake Review Board outside Japan.

The following seven categories were used as divisions for the 2023 IWC. 

  • Futsu-shu
  • Honjozo
  • Junmai
  • Junmai Ginjo
  • Junmai Daiginjo
  • Ginjo
  • Daiginjo
  • Koshu
  • Sparkling

This year, each sake were tasted by all the 63 judges from 14 countries, who are the leading Japanese sake experts, and 98 Gold Medals, 344 Silver Medals, and 369 Bronze Medals were awarded.

“GO”ー the Niigata Terroir Sake Series

There is a variety of new brands and townships in Tsunan, surrounded by Echigo mountains and river terraces. There are different cultures and traditions in the regions where the villages are located, such as Tsumarigo and Akiyamago. The spirit of the town was put into the sake and the meaning GO was to go forward with a new start.

“GO” series are available in 7 different flavors.


▷ Raw materials
Rice (Japanese), Rice koji (Japanese)
* All rice is from Tsunan, Niigata Prefecture.
▷ Rice polishing ratio

IWCー the world’s most prestigious blind tasting boards in London

The Sake division has grown exponentially, making it the largest and most influential event of the Sake Review Board outside Japan. Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded, in 52 different wine styles, establishing the best examples of each style in the country.

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About Tsunan Sake Brewery

Founded in 1996, Tsunan sake brewery is the maker of sustainable sake.

Our ambition is “Brew for future”, achieving a new lifestyle, living with Sakagura.

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